Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When In Rome...

You know the phrase, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do?" Well, I certainly applied that phrase to my eating habits while in Italy! I came back from my trip with a ton of pictures, lots of memories, and a few extra pounds. It was well worth it though, because the food in Italy was absolutely delicious! I couldn't document my trip abroad without highlighting some of my favorite meals. But, I do apologize in advance for making you hungry!

Gnocchi Pasta


My favorite meal in Rome was at a small restaurant on a side street in the area of the Spanish Steps. It was amazing how a place we just stumbled upon became our favorite meal. The restaurant is called Antica Enoteca and of all the mouthwatering food I ate in Italy, this was the best! I ordered Gnocchi pasta and not only was it the perfect consistency, but it was the right ratio of sauce to cheese (a difficult feat). At the end of the meal, our waiter brought us free tiramisu. I think noticed us drooling over our food and felt bad for us poor Americans!


Mozzarella, Prosciutto, and Tomato

As far as appetizers go, I had two favorites that we ordered at just about every meal. The first is bruschetta. There is something about the tomatoes and basil in Italy that made this taste SO much better than bruschetta in America. I was also a big fan of the mozzarella, prosciutto, and tomato combination. The mozzarella in Italy was so incredibly fresh and was infinitely more delicious than the rubbery cheese we have here.

Making the Pizza in Pizzeria Da Michele

Pizza at Pizzeria Da Michele
 The award for the best pizza, hands down, goes to L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele in Naples! This is the same pizzeria that is featured in Eat, Pray, Love, and it is so good that you want to lick the tray after you finish. If you are ever in Naples, this pizzeria is a must-visit!

View from La Tagliata

Dinner at La Tagliata

The most delectable meal in the Amalfi Coast was at La Tagliata. This restaurant is located above Positano with views that are to die for. The restaurant is family owned which made for a great atmosphere, as well as great food. They just brought round after round of incredible food that at the end, I seriously felt like I was in a food coma.


Lastly, I am now truly obsessed with Gelato. I would say that I averaged about two a day, which is strange considering I almost never eat ice cream at home. I must have tried almost every flavor that Italy had to offer such as Chocolate Chip, Lemon, Rocher, Mint, Mixed Berry, Strawberry, Orange, Banana, Mango, Vanilla, Pineapple, Watermelon, Kiwi, and more. Trust me, I did not discriminate against any gelato flavors!

If you've been to Italy, what are some of your favorite foods and restaurants?

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