Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Way Out of My Price Range: My Fall Lust List

There are a ton of items that I have been coveting ever since I went through all of my amazing September issues. The problem is, most of them don't work with my intern salary, which is approximately zero dollars. A girl can dream though, right?
1. Miu Miu Trompe L'oeil Sandal 
2. Prada Baroque Sunglasses
3. Sam Edelman "Adena" Flat
4. Tory Burch Needlepoint Bond Shoulder Bag
5. Rag & Bone Leighton Cape
6. Prada clutch
7. Marc Jacobs Rose Guipure Lace Dress
8. Burberry Trench Coat
9. Alexander Wang Fabiana Cape Shoes
10. Stella McCartney Polka-Dot Sheer Knit Dress

What expensive items are you dying to have in your closet this season?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Are You a Part of the Intern Nation?

I just finished reading the book Intern Nation by Ross Perlin and it was certainly interesting to say the least! This book is basically the first exposé about the world of internships. It delves into the "darker" side of internships to debate what is actually legal vs. illegal and to discuss the widening gap between those who can afford to do internships and those who cannot.

Now, full disclosure: this book is NOT for everyone. The author has some strong opinions on internships (he is a former intern himself, FYI) and I don't agree with everything that he says. However, we have all either had a bad internship experience, or have heard about one. Regardless of your individual view on internships, the system for interns in America is definitely flawed and can use many changes. Either way, I feel that this book is a must-read for future/current/former interns because it is important to be knowledgeable about this industry that we are a big part of.

What I personally found most interesting about the book was the discussion of those who can afford to do internships, especially ones that are unpaid, and those who cannot. Many of our peers are missing out on gaining the valuable experience that we have because they (and their families) simply don't have the money to fund poorly paid, or more likely unpaid, internships. The author states that internships may be the best way to launch a career but those who cannot afford it may, "languish in an underworld of menial, low-wage work, trapped under a new glass ceiling or spirited away from particular professions. Internships are dividing us." He also speculates that today's interns will control critical professions and hold the top positions of power, while those who did not get the opportunity to intern will, "remain trapped in the basement of American life."

Although the author feels that the interning system needs serious changes, he does recognize the idea that internships are no longer an option - they are a necessity! That is something that I certainly felt throughout college and even more so and I come closer to graduation. I'm hoping that all of my internships and experience pays off in the end and that I am able to land an amazing job that I love!

What are your views on the current American internship system?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Spotlight On: Buddakan & Chelsea Market

Last month my boyfriend and I wanted to go out to dinner in NYC to celebrate our year and a half anniversary. It was so hard to choose where to go because there are so many amazing dining options in New York. We ended up using my OpenTable app to make a reservation at Buddakan and I'm so happy we did!

First of all, Buddakan is technically in the Chelsea Market, even though the entrance to the restaurant is outside of it. If you've never been to the Chelsea Market, I highly recommend it! It's such a cute indoor shopping center that is filled with great shops and restaurants. There's classic favorites like Anthropologie and Hale and Hearty Soups in addition to places like Bar Suzette creperie, Fat Witch bakery, and One Lucky Duck organic restaurant. There is so much do to (and eat!) in the Chelsea Market and it has so much character that it's definitely worth a visit.

Buddakan itself is part of the Chelsea Market, but the entrance is outside. They call themselves "modern asian cuisine" but it is essentially an asian fusion restaurant. Regarless, it was awesome. When you first walk in, you are greeted at a front desk that almost resembles that of a hotel. When you turn around there is a huge bar/waiting area that is absolutely gorgeous. The actual seating area Buddakan is just as nice. The dim lighting along with the rich colors and festive decor make for a great ambiance and vibe throughout the restaurant.

The food was hands down the best part. To start, we ordered the sesame shrimp toast, tuna tartare spring rolls, and the pork potstickers. All of them were ridiculously good! Just thinking back on it is making my mouth water. As far as the main course goes, it's best to order a few entrees and sides and then split everything instead of getting individual meals. We ordered shacha chicken, charred filet of beef, and lobster fried rice on the side (a must!). For dessert, you absolutely CANNOT leave unless you order the crying chocolate. You seriously will regret it forever; it's that good!

In addition to the Buddakan here in NYC, there are also locations in Philly and Atlantic City. If you ever are looking for a delicious, trendy place to eat, I highly recommend stopping into Buddakan!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Ten Best Shows from London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Weeks

New York Fashion Week was amazing for me because I actually got to experience it firsthand. However, dare I say it, I think some of the European shows managed to completely crush NYFW! Unfortunately, because I am neither a famous celebrity nor a top fashion editor, I didn't get to see any of those gorgeous shows in person. Personally, what I really love about the European shows is the amount of theatrics. The designers there truly understand that a fashion show is well, a show! Although there were very few I actually disliked (heres looking at you Kanye), there were ten that easily stood out as my favorites.

1. Prada (Milan): Seriously, nobody does it like Miuccia Prada. Every last detail in the collection was absolutely gorgeous. The 50s ladylike elements and pleats were beautiful yet the cars and the flames gave it a very "Grease-esque" edge. I love how she follows all the way through with the theme from the car set up in the venue down to the flames on the shoes (really though, how amazing are they?). Prada won last spring with 77 magazine covers and I predict another season of domination ahead!

2. Louis Vuitton (Paris): This collection honestly took my breath away. The clothes themselves were beautiful but the carousel in the middle with models perched on top is what really did it for me. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Marc Jacobs is a genius. From the pastel colors to all of the lace, everything about this collection was whimsical and pretty much perfect. Oh, and did I mention Kate Moss closed the show? Yeah. Enough said.

Getty Images

3. Chanel (Paris): Ok, Karl Lagerfeld, are you kidding me? This under-the-sea inspired collection was everything. To start, there were over 80 looks! That is positively insane in the best way, because there is no such thing as too much Chanel. There was the typical boxy tweed but in addition there were amazing pieces with new, creative fabrics, gorgeous ruffles, and an iridescent sheen to almost every look. And can we please discuss the pearls? There were pearls everywhere; even used a belts and going down the back of the model's necks. The mother-of-pearl of course was Florence Welch who sang in a huge shell. Perfection.

4. Mulberry (London): Let's be honest. London is usually the least hyped fashion week, but Mulberry definitely brought some excitement this year. Guests were greeted at the entrance with tons of balloon animals and ice cream which set the stage for a super fun collection. There were tons of pleated skirts and cute raincoats but the standouts were definitely the fun prints and the blinged-out bomber jacket.

5. Dolce & Gabbana (Milan): This collection was positively stunning. The inspiration was "picturesque summertime in a small town in southern Italy circa the 1950's" and I think they nailed it! It started off with large, colorful prints of vegetables and then slowly graduated into a sleeker, sophisticated vibe. If I had my way, I'd wear the two piece, vegetable prints during the day and then hit the town in the sexy, bejeweled dress at night. (Also below is a quick look at the gorgeous, and last ever, D&G collection.)

6. Alexander McQueen (Paris): Although nobody will ever come close to being as incredibly mind blowing as McQueen was himself, Sarah Burton is doing a fabulous job at maintaining his legacy. Like Chanel, the McQueen collection was also underwater inspired. What was truely inspiring here was the attention to detail. Every last ruffle was fully thought through and the contrast of the almost opaque fabrics with the black leather and lace was breath taking. And, in typical McQueen fashion, there were the gorgeous, but ever-creepy face masks.

7. Isabel Marant (Paris): Girlfriend never gets it wrong, and this collection was no different. She literally dishes up exactly what girls want to wear. This time around, everything had a very relaxec vibe to it. Sporty and comfortable, yet cute and stylish. What more could a girl ask for? Really though, I didn't even know I wanted red, tie-dye jeans until she told me I did.

8. Christopher Kane (London): This collection was pure magic. Everything about it just worked. From the fabric with a sheen to the floral appliqués, everything was stunning. The most amazing part though, is hearing what inspired Kane. He said he, "randomly came across some photographs of girls in grim council-estate bedrooms, the paper peeling off the walls behind them, their stickers and scrapbooks nearby." With this insight, you can truely see what a creative genius he is and how he is able to pull beauty from places that others cannot.

9. Nina Ricci (Paris): Well, they certainly weren't afraid to go after the lingerie trend for Spring, and I'm sort of loving it. I loved the detailed bra tops with the flouncy skirts. There were also some great florals, a surprisingly chic quilted leather jacket, beautiful floor length gowns, and some amazing structured hats. In other words, perfect attire for a sexy royal wedding.

10. Stella McCartney (Paris): Ahhh Stella, how I love thee. She called her collection a celebration of "energy, freshness, and fitness." How fitting. The clothes oozed of relaxed sexiness. For me, nothing can beat her fall LBD's with the sheer polka-dot insets, but the closing dresses this season came pretty darn close. The white mesh swirled with colorful embroidery looked fabulous on the runway and will definitely be a hit in real life as well. Plus, she showed paisley pajamas. I mean, really, what is more stylish to wear when blogging in bed?

What were some of your favorite shows from London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Weeks?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Top Five: Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Today is October 1st and one of the first days that it actually feels like fall! Thank goodness, because I cannot stand any more humidity. As much as I love the beach and a good summer dress; I always get excited for fall clothes. I'm obsessed with good layering, riding boots, scarves, and sweaters! There are some very fun trends this season that are a necessity, as well as the classic autumn essentials. In my opinion, these are the top five must-haves for Fall 2011:

1. Black Wedge Ankle Boots - I bought a pair similar to these from Nine West and have barely taken them off since. They are so versatile and can be worn out with dresses and skirts (with or without tights!) or just with jeans. Plus, because of the wedge, they are super comfortable - just like a pair of summer wedges! [Steve Madden]

2. Skinny Cords & Colored Jeans - OK, so I know these are technically two different items, but they are both SO perfect for fall. Cords just scream "fall" to me and the skinny version is a cute, trendy, updated version of the classic. I will wear mine with a sweater and loafers to run errands in and then with riding boots, a sheer button down, and a blazer for a more equestrian look! Next, colored jeans are very on-trend at the moment. They were a popular look over the summer as well, but I'm craving deeper hues for this season. [Gap and J Brand]

3. Cape - Seriously, the cape was everywhere on the Fall runways and just about every major designer has made one. I'm still looking for the perfect one that is in my price range, so if you have any suggestions, let me know! The cape will instantly make you look put together and is more unexpected than a regular jacket or sweater. [TopShop]

4. Knit Sweaters - These aren't exactly a trend because they are always a cool weather staple. But, this season I'm loving sweaters with larger holes in them in addition to the classics. A style like this is perfect with jeans and boots but I'm also dying to wear one over my black maxi dress to make it wearable for fall! [Express]

5. Riding Boots - Again, boots are always a necessity for fall and this season is no different. I have a brown and a black pair from Ralph Lauren (not the ones above, but similar) and they probably get more use than any other item in my closet. My ultimate fall outfit would be my brown riding boots, a striped t-shirt, a sweater, a circle scarf, and piles of bracelets. Oh, and a pumpkin spice latte in hand, of course. [Ralph Lauren]

What are some items that you are dying to wear this season?