Sunday, December 25, 2011

Seventeen Magazine Photoshoot

A few months ago, I had the amazing opportunity of being in a Seventeen Magazine photoshoot for a "Hot Looks for Less" story in their special Prom issue. It just came out, so everyone should go out and pick up a copy because the issue is awesome!

The concept for the story was really cool. They picked four of us bloggers to style our own prom looks by using some of our own accessories and incorporating our own personal styles into the outfits. The shoot was SO much fun and everyone was so nice. I absolutely love how it turned out and so I am appreciative of Seventeen for giving me this opportunity!

So, everyone go pick up a copy of the issue and turn to page 126! Also, if you're looking for some great people to follow on Twitter, might I suggest Seventeen Mag and the other bloggers from the shoot: @SeventeenMag, @wordbyjessie, @Dashing_A, and @saraINKS.

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