Saturday, September 17, 2011

My New York Fashion Week Experience

This semester, I am interning for one of the top fashion PR agencies in New York. Because of this, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work at a few New York Fashion Week SS '12 shows! I am so grateful to have had this experience, no matter how exhausting it was. Normally, I sit at home or at the computer lab at school glued to the computer watching the livestream of shows or looking through all of the pictures. Instead, this time around, I got to be involved in the action!

Before the Proenza Schouler Show (I'm the third from the right in the center group)
Pic from The Daily Beast

I started my internship two weeks before MBFW began. So, I was able to see much of the preparations involved. I got to help with going through show request e-mails and sending the mass "yes" or "no" responses as well as helping adjust the seating charts. One of the biggest projects was delivering the invitations. Most of the editor invites went through a messenger service, but the invites that were going to editors from foreign publications had to be delivered to their hotels right before fashion week began. So, all of us interns trekked around the rainy city for three days to complete this mission. Totally exhausting, but totally worth it.

When it actually came time for Fashion Week, I was beyond excited. The day of each show consisted of making the press books, taping down the seating chart, and making sure we had everything together and ready to go. When we got to each show, I got to help tape down seating cards, put out programs, and help with gift bags. One part that I loved during set up, was watching the run throughs. Watching a run through complete with everything but the clothes just makes you so pumped up for the real thing. Once guests started arriving, it was my job to help everyone find their proper seats and eliminate as much confusion as possible. This was probably my favorite part aside from watching the actual show. I was in awe having the most amazing people in the fashion industry right around me... and asking me for help!

Me and another intern at the Proenza Schouler show

The first show that I was able to help at was Altuzarra. Way to start off my fashion week with a bang, right? This show had such a fun tropical jungle theme to it. The clothes, backdrop, and the tribal beat music created an amazing atmosphere that felt almost like another world. Tribal and tropical ended up being two of the weeks biggest trends too! I was also lucky enough to see in person Anna Wintour, Bee Shaffer, Leigh Lezark, Giovanna Battaglia, Emmanuelle Alt, Anna Dello Russo (who I'm obsessed with), Carine Roitfeld, and others. Oh, and I got to see Arizona Muse, Fei Fei Sun, AND Karolina Kurkova walk in the show. One word: fierce!

My favorite look from Altuzarra on

The next show that I worked was Zero + Maria Cornejo. This show was held at Milk Studios which was a major Fashion Week venue. The whole "MADE" for Milk Studios scene was really cool - and I even got free Luna Bars and Vita Coco Coconut Water because they were sponsors. Awesome! This show had a completely different vibe than the first show, but it was still totally amazing in a different way. The collection was filled with gorgeous draping and bright colors (another huge trend). Additionally, the incredible Bill Cunningham was here. He was the cutest and nicest thing ever in person which makes his talent that much better for me.

My favorite look from Zero + Maria Cornejo on

The last show that I worked was Proenza Schouler. I repeat, Proenza Schouler. I could have died happy after attending that show. The crowd was absolutely incredible. Seriously, Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington (nbd, just my idol), RACHEL ZOE!, Alexa Chung, Jessica Stam, Tory Burch, Pharrell, Lynn Yaeger, and Alicia Keys. I was in fashion heaven. The show itself was unreal. Proenza also showed a tribal theme and the mix of color and texture was amazing. My favorite pieces were the last few dresses which were bright, embroidered, sparkly, and STUNNING. Being at this show was like an out of body experience.

Too hard to pick just one ... My two favorite looks from Proenza Schouler on

I had such an amazing, exhausting, and fun first experience with fashion week. It was so memorable and taught me so much. Watching a fashion show live is such an exhilarating experience and I hope that I get to attend many more in the future!

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