Sunday, October 16, 2011

Spotlight On: Buddakan & Chelsea Market

Last month my boyfriend and I wanted to go out to dinner in NYC to celebrate our year and a half anniversary. It was so hard to choose where to go because there are so many amazing dining options in New York. We ended up using my OpenTable app to make a reservation at Buddakan and I'm so happy we did!

First of all, Buddakan is technically in the Chelsea Market, even though the entrance to the restaurant is outside of it. If you've never been to the Chelsea Market, I highly recommend it! It's such a cute indoor shopping center that is filled with great shops and restaurants. There's classic favorites like Anthropologie and Hale and Hearty Soups in addition to places like Bar Suzette creperie, Fat Witch bakery, and One Lucky Duck organic restaurant. There is so much do to (and eat!) in the Chelsea Market and it has so much character that it's definitely worth a visit.

Buddakan itself is part of the Chelsea Market, but the entrance is outside. They call themselves "modern asian cuisine" but it is essentially an asian fusion restaurant. Regarless, it was awesome. When you first walk in, you are greeted at a front desk that almost resembles that of a hotel. When you turn around there is a huge bar/waiting area that is absolutely gorgeous. The actual seating area Buddakan is just as nice. The dim lighting along with the rich colors and festive decor make for a great ambiance and vibe throughout the restaurant.

The food was hands down the best part. To start, we ordered the sesame shrimp toast, tuna tartare spring rolls, and the pork potstickers. All of them were ridiculously good! Just thinking back on it is making my mouth water. As far as the main course goes, it's best to order a few entrees and sides and then split everything instead of getting individual meals. We ordered shacha chicken, charred filet of beef, and lobster fried rice on the side (a must!). For dessert, you absolutely CANNOT leave unless you order the crying chocolate. You seriously will regret it forever; it's that good!

In addition to the Buddakan here in NYC, there are also locations in Philly and Atlantic City. If you ever are looking for a delicious, trendy place to eat, I highly recommend stopping into Buddakan!

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